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Real Name

Mark K Smitham
There's more than one Mark Smitham in the world so to tell us apart we agreed it best for me to keep the K. Would you like to know more about what the K stands for? Check out the faq section.


Marky Mark, Big Mark, Chief, Bungle (after the bear character from 80s kids TV show, Rainbow)


Computer Scientist (IT Analyst & Project Manager)

Membership of professional institutions/societies

Name of InstitutionClass of MembershipNumberAdmission DateEmail
British Computer Society Professional Member MBCS990221288 June 2008
Society of Information Technology Management Professional Member MSocITM 4408 May 2009  
Association for Computing Machinery Professional Member MACM 4637776 July 2009


Mini Biography

Mark K Smitham had great scientific and artistic encouragement as a child from his parents, an engineer and a teacher. Mark started acting from an early age, playing key roles in amateur plays from the age of 3. Also at a very young age, Mark was exposed to foreign languages. A French close family friend would often babysit him and speak French to her son whilst looking after Mark. Growing up in Portsmouth, Mark’s family would regularly take long summer holidays and short trips to France. Mark moved schools in 1987, where there were dedicated IT classrooms with extensive IT facilities. Eventually the family had a personal computer at home and Mark’s IT education continued through University to the present day. 

In the summer of 1996 Mark went on a backpacking holiday on his own to the South of France and Germany. Mark studied French and German at sixth form and took part in several exchange trips to Tours, France and Halver, Germany. He returned from the vacation to complete his A-Levels and appear as the cowardly lion in the wizard of oz at the kings theatre, portsmouth in 1997.

Travel was a significant part of the family life. For example, Mark’s only brother, Peter, travelled throughout India during his Gap year. After his A-levels Mark worked as a Health Care Support Worker and also studied a Psychology evening class with a view to becoming a Psychiatrist. He took a break to go on another backpacking adventure around Australia. Communication while on holiday had been difficult around France and Germany in 1996 but it was on his trip to Australia that Mark registered his email account, maakusan.

Returning home, Mark’s acting work took a back seat after taking part in a short film scene of romeo and juliet and also doing some student tv work while at Glasgow University. Mark studied humanities computing at glasgow university as part of his undergraduate degree and after graduation went to a Web Design internship, which led into his postgraduate degree in information technology at the university of the west of scotland. During his full time studies at the campus in Paisley, Mark was stabbed but recovered physically quite quickly.

Mark left Scotland to pursue a second internship at a software company in sofia antipolis, france. Fortunately the chance was withdrawn and Mark was able to spend time with his parents as his mother was suffering from cancer. Mark found work close to the family home in the Portsmouth area, with a brief spell as a self-employed it consultant and as a Support Analyst at a software company in Newbury.

Throughout all of this, Mark completed his postgraduate dissertation and graduated from the University of the West of Scotland in November 2008. Mark is currently enabling digital innovation within the UK Civil Service and pursuing an IT career. He is heavily motivated by the latest semantic technologies, the principal topic of his msc dissertation.


Often very confident, frequently turns awkard silence into confortable convivial conversation.
Always grumpy when tired, especially in the mornings.


I once travelled a 900 mile round trip for a croissant and a haircut. I was so derided by my friends for what they felt to be an insane act of loyalty to my stylist that I was cajoled into allowing them to take some clippers to my hair the following Christmas, which they chose to film.


A little extra information for gift ideas, check out my likes and dislikes

Distinguishing Marks

Tattoos: none
Piercings: none
Scars: 7 in total, each one with its own story.
One on my left eyelid, one just under my nose, two on my right hand, one on my left hand and two on my left leg.


Likes and Dislikes

Jewellery: I have a ring and manly silver name bracelet that are special to me.
I also often wear cufflinks because I like shirts with double cuffs that need cufflinks.
Fashion: Nice shirts from people like TM Lewin, Charles Tyrwhitt, or Thomas Pink
Mens button fly trunks from heplful people like figleaves
Slip-on loafer shoes from good cobblers like base of london
Books: Head on through to my Amazon Wishlists for more info on the books that peak my interest.
TV: Mainly comedy shows or sci-fi.
Films: I like a lot of movies but my all time favourite is Empire Stikes Back.
Browse the latest DVDs I have been watching from LoveFilm
Music: Find out what music I listen to from and music box. Don't forget my Latin Music Amazon Wishlist

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