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My first experiences of computing was in the early '80s with a Dragon32 that had games on cartridges and audio cassettes that squealed while they were loading.  My brother was very enthusiastic about it.  Just as much as he was with Star Wars, which I didn't understand at the time either *shock to people who know me well*

The squealing continued into the 90's when the Web made it into my school and onto my dad's work laptop. The modem would whine as it dialled onto the Internet.  Mum was a teacher and schools in the UK were getting BBC Micro computers, meanwhile dad was using IBM PCs a lot for work.  The intensity of the BBC/IBM PC debate plus my brother's enthusiasm and the IT room at school getting bigger by the term meant that I couldn't get away from computing being a part of my life.

Now my life is surrounded by computing.  

My postgraduate MSc dissertation focussed on automatic Information Extraction and Semantic Technologies.  Check my MSc page for more info on my dissertation.

Professionally I took an internship as a Web Designer for 6 months, worked in Business to Business IT sales for 6 months and now I specialise in IT for the Public Sector.  I am excited by the application of semantic technologies to the public sector.  Take a look at my semantic technologies page to find more information about their importance.

My Web Designer internship and expertise with the Web has caused several friends to ask for my advice and even invite me to help make their websites.  You can see more about their pages and also my other websites on my websites page.

As you can see, I have a passion for technology and you may wish to review my technology page to find out the latest gadgets that have caught my eye.



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